John Sylvain/Creative Machine Productions

I'm a producer who has written content, produced web sites and created movies for individuals, non-profits, small start-ups and some of the biggest brands in entertainment.

Below is a selection of examples of some of the awesome stuff I've had the privilege to work on.

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Celebrity Interview Produced and directed by John Sylvain For Lifescript

This was a real treat. As Director of Production of Lifescript I've produced hundreds of videos. In this case I moved into the interviewer spot to talk to Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser.


Comedy Short Written by John Sylvain for Instant Films

This is one of the dozens of shorts I wrote for Instant Films, a company I cofounded in 2002. This was directed by Charles Papert and features Mellisa Fitzgerald from The West Wing


Produced and Directed for Mental Health America of Los Angeles

This is part one of three documentaries about a man who found sanity and purpose at the MHA Village in Long Beach. I worked with MHA to create a number of short stories to highlight the way this organization helps people with Mental Health issues find their way to a normal life.


Exercise Video Produced and Driected by John Sylvain for Lifescript 

This is one of many exercise and fitness videos I created for Lifescript. This one features Sara Haley and it's great for your glutes!

Contact me for rates and availability and links to hundreds of other examples of my work: Click here for a pdf of my resume.